Russian Standards & Regulations

In Russia used several types of technical standards: national standards (GOST R), interstate standards (GOST) and other standards (OST, TU, etc.).

Russian national standards GOST R are developed under the auspices of the Rosstandart (Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology ) while interstate standards GOST are the official standards of the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, which is a regional standards organization headquartered in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus.

The national and interstate standards have designations GOST R (or GOST) plus a numeric designator, consisting of a serial number and a year the standard becomes effective. GOST is an acronym for "gosudarstvennyy standart", which means "state standard".
Historically, GOST R standards were created as a subset of the GOST standards originally developed by the government of the Soviet Union and later adopted by the CIS. Now most part of GOST standards is adopted in Russia and act as national standards. In contrast to these standards GOST R standards are active only in the territory of the Russian Federation.

At present, the collection of GOST standards includes over 20,000 titles used extensively in conformity assessment activities in 12 countries. Serving as the regulatory basis for government and private-sector certification programs throughout CIS, the GOST standards cover energy, oil and gas, environmental protection, construction, transportation, telecommunications, mining, food processing, and other industries.

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Along with GOST standards in Russia are used various types of industry codes and regulations: SNiP (Building Codes), RD (Industry Regulations), PB (Safety Rules), SanPiN (Sanitary & Hygienic Norms), Fire Codes (NPB, PPB), Construction Prices (GESN, FER, TER, etc.), manuals, norms, instructions, methodics, federal and regional laws and many others. All these documents can also be ordered in our store.

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